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Spikeball Standard Set

Spikeball Standard set egypt

All you need for a fun and competitive (if you want) game of 2 vs 2. Play on grass, sand or indoors. 


  1. Spikeball Set

  2. Three Spikeball balls

  3. Drawstring bag for storage

  4. Rule book

NEW & IMPROVED: Spikeball Standard Kit

Spikeball Standard set Egypt
  • Rebuilt for more rallies - Beefier frame, grippier balls, more intuitive installation.

  • Easy to learn - After 10 minutes you’ll have some amazing rallies and MONSTER spikes.

  • Play anywhere - All you need is 4 people and some open space. Play on grass, sand, in the basement, you name it.

  • Easy to transport - When disassembled the entire game fits into a lightweight carrying bag. Easy to take to the beach, campground, friend's house, any place good for playing.

  • Technically, yes, it is exercise - Your significant other/mom/life coach can breathe a sigh of relief. Roundnet is a great form of exercise and is used by many athletes for cross-training.

  • All you need to play is included - The Standard Kit comes with the Spikeball set, two balls, netting, rule book, and a carrying bag for easy transport!

Spikeball Pro Set 

Spikeball Pro set Egypt

The Pro Kit is for any serious player whose game has outgrown the original Spikeball Kit.

This is the official tournament set of the Spikeball Roundnet Association. A sturdier body design keeps the set stable and net taught during the harshest of plays. A new material and added texture on the Pro Balls help players add topspin on their kills and back spin on their drop shots.


  1. -Spikeball Pro set

  2. -2 Spikeball Pro balls

  3. -Portable ball pump and gauge

  4. -Backpack


spikebuoy egypt

It's Spikeball, on water
We meant it when we said PLAY ANYWHERE. Attach Spikebuoy to your Pro or Standard Spikeball set, fill the anchor bag, and you're ready to play in the ocean, lake, pool or that giant bathtub from Scarface

Spikeball Rookie Kit

Spikeball Rookie egypt

this set for our younger and/or beginner players. Play on grass, sand or indoors.

Its 50% larger frame, 6 legs, 6 rims, and 1 larger ball will make it much easier to learn basics.


-One XL Net. 45” diameter vs 36” diameter on standard net
-One XL Ball. 6.5” diameter vs 3.5” diameter on standard ball
-One carrying bag
-One Rule book

Pro Balls (2 Pack)

Spikeball Pro Balls egypt
  • New black and yellow design allows you to track the ball easier

  • New pips on the ball gives added spin for hard and soft hits alike 

It's time to look the part. Additional Pro Balls give you the opportunity to train like the very best. Pick up a 2-pack today and get out there.

Standard Balls (2-pack)

spikeball standard balls egypt

Balls.  We've got 'em.
Dog, Ocean, Lake, Ex-Girlfriend, etc...these all can be suspects in lost/popped balls.  
Order here and you'll have 2 shiny new balls ready to roll in no time.
Includes: 2 Spikeball Balls

Glow in the Dark Spikeballs (2 Pack)

spikeball Glow balls egypt

Now there are no excuses not to play. The phrase 24/7 just got a whole lot more real.


Spikebrite egypt

Your ability to play is no longer determined by the movement of the sun. You welcome darkness with open arms. You own SpikeBrite.

  • Comes with 2 rechargeable LED balls and rechargeable LED rim extensions. Spikeball set not included.

  • Compatible with Pro and standard Spikeball sets. SpikeBrite attaches to the top of your set’s legs.

  • Batteries last over 2 hours and are rechargeable via USB.

  • Using SpikeBrite in water is like hitting on two. Just don't do it.

Spikeball Hat

spikeball hat egypt

Class it up with this yellow on black, one size fits all, Flexfit beauty. Perfect for every occasion.

Brand: Flexfit


•55% Polyester / 43% Cotton / 2% Spandex.

•Tight embroidering on the front with a black mesh back.


•One Size Fits All