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Premier Spike

Premier Spike

Unleash the fun at your next outdoor gathering with the Premier Spike Kit, the pinnacle of roundnet equipment. Perfect for the backyard, beach, tailgating events, camping adventures, and more! This kit is designed for easy learning and endless enjoyment. Roundnet, often described as a blend of volleyball and 4-square, is engaging and simple to pick up, so you can start spiking the ball in no time!

Kit Features:

Innovative Design: The Premier Spike kit is engineered to avoid the common issues of twisting, turning, bending, or breaking experienced with others, even the leading brand. Its robust construction ensures a premium and durable gameplay experience.

Portable and Convenient: Despite its sturdy build, the kit is designed to be easily disassembled and packed into the included carrying bag, making it the ideal travel companion for any outdoor activity.

Complete Kit Includes:

The Set: Features 5 rims, 5 legs, and netting.

2 Grippy Balls: Offer superior grip and control, enhancing your game to allow for precise spikes and serves.

Court Measuring Line: Easily set up a standard roundnet court with the included measuring line for serving and a no-hit-zone.

Whether you are new to roundnet or a seasoned player, the Premier Spike Kit delivers the ultimate game experience. Get ready to serve, spike, and dive into action with the highest quality roundnet set on the market!

The Premier Spike Kit is approved by the International Roundnet Federation and meets all required guidelines for official tournament equipment.

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