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Roundnet Egypt 🇪🇬

The Most Fun Sport in the world

Founded in 2015, Roundnet Egypt is one of the most growing sports communities in EGYPT.  We are composed of individuals who are passionate about sports, competition, and fair play, providing the very best officials to cover games in a proper and professional manner.

Spikeball Roundnet Egypt
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About Us

Based in Cairo,Egypt, Egypt Roundnet Federation is member of the International Roundnet Federation and facilitates the education, training, assessment, and scheduling of officiating for every level of competition. By doing so, we proudly promote fair play, competition, and the increased enjoyment of athletics by players, fans, and participants alike.

Being part of the Governing Bodies under the International Roundnet Federation

We are Preparing an Egyptian squad to compete internationally

International roundnet federation

Join our Community

Roundnet Egypt offers a variety of gatherings catered to fit the needs and wants of all players & levels. We are here to provide our members with the guided support they need to be the best roundnet players. Whether you are looking to dive into the world of sports officiating, or are looking to further develop your already existing skillset, Roundnet Egypt is here for you.


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Egypt Official Spikeball Ambassador Orginazation

From Spikeball Roundnet Association

Egypt official spikeball ambassador organization

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2022 Official Rules

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